Benton Communications — Single Solution for Financial Investor Relations Building

Benton Communications is famous for its diverse capacities. We’re a full Investors Relations building company operating in every possible dimension. In a nutshell, it is all about the building of fruitful business connections and a better reachability. Leaned towards experienced and innovation in financial industry — we’re an ideal answer to all of your needs.



Sure Access to Small / Mid Cap Investment Community

Our present and deepening ties within that specific group of investors is our real strength. We don’t do arbitrary things. Our financial analysts understand the requirements of small to moderate investment management funds. Because of this, you could expect exceptionally potent results and interactions for superior growth.

  • Customized lead generation and management
  • Planning and execution of Investor Days in your facilities.
  • Marketing to applicable analysts and investors
  • Assistance for securing participation in related investment conventions

Productive Investor Communications

Today’s cutthroat business environment demands a whole lot in the business of Investor Relations. From advertising to communications everything has its own weight. Our customers love the way we communicate their messages. Benton Communications has a proven history, and successful results are guaranteed. Thus, consider us to have your IR Management outsourced, comprehensively.

  • Development of Important messages
  • IT support including site building and its optimization
  • Deal of small group meetings
  • Frequent appearances on traditional online media
  • Preparation of an optimized IR program and calendar

Excellent Branding Solutions

Nobody likes to spend with less reputed companies; that is for sure. In a financial market, it is branding which attracts investors. Ideally, this aspect needs to be addressed at the planning phase. However, it is never too late. Our robust branding solutions are able to get a rescue.

  • Robust yet optimized echoing
  • Social media established advertising actions
  • Implementation of greatest reputation management methods

Safe Crises Managing

The financial market always remains subject to uncertainties. A little mishandling of an anticipated situation could lead stakeholders into a panicky situation. Benton Communications can help you with appropriate handling of crunches.

  • Development of a better understanding when maintaining objectivity intact
  • Preparation of a communication strategy for keeping everybody informed
  • Trust-building steps for preserving management’s credibility

The Integration of Digital Communications

Well, after the beginning of the world wide web, digital communication is now inevitable. It’s one of our core operating areas, and we do know its value. According to our understanding, the usage and the integration of information technology are crucial.

  • Generation of corporate videos, their distribution, and circuiting
  • Effectiveness of customer’s website, its management, and optimization
  • Digital books including infographics and fact sheets
  • Social media portfolio management