Capital Advisory

Benton Communications — Reinventing Capital Advisory

When it’s the lack of equity and capital that’s controlling you from attaining a greater expansion? Firms, who do not have sufficient credibility and resources for winning necessary capital should consider acquiring our services. We’re offering a complete variety of capital advisory services. Our consulting services are applicable for all the related areas including,

Capital Advisory

  1. Capital Construction
  2. Capital Formation
  3. Capital Markets

Salient Characteristics of Our Capital Advisory Services

  • Identification and analysis of potential, promising alternatives
  • Open to small private equity management companies
  • Formation of greatest investment and capital management construction
  • Link with partners with similar interests
  • Due diligence based operations for minimizing the risks involved
  • Fine tuning of customers’ investment thesis — to get better outcomes
  • Supervision, direction, and assistance with whole process

Areas of Proficiency

As we’ve mentioned previously, Benton Communications is offering a whole variety of capital advisory services. Let’s inform you about four most prominent areas where we are doing way better than our opponents

Corporate Finance Advisory — Take it to the Next Level

Individuals, experienced working in the corporate culture already know and understand the significance of this element. It’s one of our core solutions. From strategic matters to strategic issues our expert advice can assist you in developing a difference. Following are some of the issues we are handling on a daily basis,

  • Capital structure optimization
  • Capital allocation
  • Equity and debt issuance
  • Investor communications

Debt Advisory — When you Need Results

We’re engaged with the best credit rating agencies so don’t be worried about that. Well, for additional debt management related issues we’ve got a group comprising on senior bankers. Let’s negotiate on your behalf for,

  • Settlement of present debt
  • Issuance of new debt

About to Getting Larger? Consider Acquisition Finance

Whether you’re on this side or the other end of the line — our purchase funding services are here for making your transaction a seamless one. We negotiate on behalf of our customers and critical subject like,

  • Plan
  • Origination
  • Structuring
  • Execution

Advisory services Around IPO & Equity Capital Markets

Well-timed and objective advice directly from seasoned market experts will fetch fruitful outcomes — beyond your imaginations. When it comes to increasing equity we used to tackle all facets including (but not limited to),

  • Offering pricing and size
  • List marketplace choice
  • Incentive structuring
  • Investor targeting
  • Security structuring
  • Underwriter choice

Are you a Cash Starved Business? Connect with the Benton Communications Now!

Raising capital is not a significant issue for business giants. We know that it is kind of a nightmare for startups and smaller entities. We do not segregate our customers by their present standing and financial depth. Come forward with a productive strategy and a promising app — remainder is our headache.