Capital Formation

Benton Communications Capital Formation Service — Assertive Liquidity!

Capital formation is a place of top most energy. It’s an activity which has a lot to do with the achievement of business objectives. In the financial sector — no thing could endure without maintaining an optimum quantity of cash. Raising money consistently remains a topic of great concern and particularly for small to medium entities. Benton Communications Capital Formation service is intended to deliver the due aid to cash-hungry businesses.

Go Public — Enjoy Greater Valuation

Truth — “Publically trading firms enjoy a higher valuation than privately held entities.” Going public and getting your shares issued and traded on a stock exchange is a very long procedure. Several legalities and procedural requirements need to be handled correctly for the achievement of desired goals. We can help you in the design and execution of a solid IPO (Initial Public Offering). Obtaining out your shares in the public domain through this station is 1 Capital Formation approach from many. We’re also offering options like,

Capital Formation

  • Reverse Merger Takeover (Reverse IPO)
  • Reverse Takeover (RTO)
  • Direct Public Offering (DPO)
  • Merger & Acquisition (M&A)

Integrated Financing

Benton Communications has strong ties with angel investors, funding institutions, and investment banks. Therefore, we’re using these channels to make liquidity for our customers running low on money. You may telephone us monetary matchmakers as we used to help our clients with their search for like-minded investors — chasing similar areas. Aside from straightaway financing choices we also deal in;

  • Loans
  • Private Equity
  • Debt Financing
  • PIPE Financing
  • Bridge Funding

Business Planning & Strategy Development

In regards to a company anything including capital formation can’t be achieved without the development, implementation and deployment of a detailed business plan. Our core business preparation service provided individually, is a general one. However, financing and capital associated planning and scheming always remain an essential part of Benton Communications Capital Formation support. Our reputation management and financial communications teams keep adding great value during capital raising campaigns we operate on behalf of our customers. We believe in comprehensive paper based programs only. Thus, let us proceed with the development of your business plan first; if if you don’t have one yet.

Consultancy across Outsourcing

The outsourcing is now a new means of management that’s efficient, cost efficient and hustle free. Likewise, for different businesses, numerous outsourcing providers are offered for the financial sector also. Are you looking for outsourcing consultants? — We have links and connections with the top notch consultancies working in the financial industry. Following are a few services where you can contemplate outsourcing for better outcomes;

  • Litigation
  • Accounting
  • Tax services
  • Marketing services
  • SEC Compliance and Legislation