Market Entry

Benton Communications SONAR Program — Flexible Market Entry Service

Are you thinking about entering a new market? We wish you luck. But it’s an issue of the fact that such a critical move compels organic movements as opposed to goodwill gestures alone. After all, it will be a make or break. Benton Communications comprehensive SONAR program is right there for those who are expecting anything remarkable including but not limited to some;

  • Product Launch
  • Greenfield investment
  • Brownfield investment
  • Merger or an Acquisition

Let the Benton Communications Pave Your Way!

In most simple terms, our SONAR program is a study related item. We do a deep analysis of our customer’s chosen markets. The market study is completed while its prevailing condition and dangers scores are also determined. Some requirements are addressed and fixed well before our customer proceeds for the last launch. Following are a few fundamental elements of our Market Entry Assistance,

  • Trust construction
  • Offering or deal
  • Strategic arrangements
  • Assessment of prospects
  • Risk identification and mitigation

Insights — In the Economy in Query

Benton Communications SONAR begins working with the collecting of data and information. A special approach is chosen for interacting with the “subject sector.” That approach particular is dependent on upon the business and the nature of our customers business. We have several well researched and proven methodologies available for the group of highly reliable and valuable data. Listed below are a few of our methodologies;

  • Polling
  • Research
  • Focus groups
  • Online research
  • In-depth interview
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Research

Because of this, what we achieve is regarded as raw data. In the next phase, all of the obtained data is processed. Conclusions are drawn in the light of input received from expert analysts of the market under consideration. GV Group always rely on the trusted local resources and also this element of neighborhood know-how makes us move in the right direction and towards ideal results

The Final Round — Materialization, Planning & Implementation

Here comes the last but the most important part. SONAR is intended to help clients curtail with all of their market entry requirements. In the previous part of our involvement, we collaborate closely with our counterparts coming from our customers business. This procedure generally involves top management and key folks who retain the right of conclusion. Following are the things we do throughout the wrap-up phase.

  • Refined results of our findings will be shared with your company team
  • A plan is determined in the light of available information
  • Stakeholders are mapped, and prospects are identified
  • Pre-requisites are discussed and their potential closing options
  • Finalization of their entrance strategy
  • Post entrance appointment & follow-ups