Media Relations

Benton Communications Believes — Media Relations Stands Above the Rest!

Media Relations

In this world of information and interconnectivity, no company can even consider operating without deploying and adhering to a vigorous media management plan. Media relations is one of the basic parts in the area of Investors Relations. When we state media, it features all four of its available forms. Nowadays, internet based media outlets are also growing in their efficacy and reachability. The Benton Communications right from its beginning has retained a greater focus on finding options. Notably, it is our Media Relations service only, which provides our customers with a possibility of becoming closer to the online financial blogs and financial news sources.

The Basis of Our Media Relations Strategy

Business level story telling have its criteria and etiquettes. At the first step we help our customers in making appropriate decisions and otherwise in the introduction of complementary media articles and stories, suitable for the general market sensitivity. Afterwards, these stories are sent for sharing and publication through all the possible slots. We do have a greater focus on the acquisition of interview opportunities at reputable financial media outlets

Benton Communications & Top-tier journalists have some mutual interests

We do not hesitate while speaking about our strong relationships with the top-tier financial and business journalists working around. Yes! For us, they’re just like a medium through which we used to share stories from our customers. However, we’ve made it a topic of mutual interest. For our spouse journalists and newsman, we’re acting as a source of credible information. What they want is great and sellable stories. We used to work together with our customers for crafting their stories in a media friendly tone. Believe us — it works better when mutual interests and stakes get demand.

Benton Communications is capitalizing all four types of media

We believe each sort of media is connected with all of its other types. Thus, we can’t take anything for granted here. For instance consider online media that’s working with a single click established optional integration with the social websites. When it’s possessed, societal, hybrid or conventional media — Benton Communications isn’t interested in overlooking any one of these.

The Generation of Selling Media

Seeding of more information in less time is the requirement of the world today. A couple of seconds interaction will decide whether the potential client will commit some of their time in reading your story or not. So, you must think out of the box. You need to proceed with sellable suggestions and engaging content. Think about a well-crafted article released on social networking giant, Facebook. There, any such piece can get viral readily with no external intervention and attempts. All of the Benton Communications are working with having a group of the most experienced journalists onboard. Our customers will also enjoy the advantages of a training program provided together with our core media relations solutions.