Strategic Communications

Benton Communications — Taking the lead for Tactical communications Excellency

Strategic Communications services are the soul of IR activates. Benton Communications is offering instrumental services for companies starving for capital. Believe us — having a excellent business plan alone, can’t bring investors. Your company is going nowhere without becoming supplemented with a fine-tuned strategic communications program, and that is what we’re offering.

Benton Communications — Across the board services

With having an experience of repressing businesses coming from different background and businesses, Benton Communications is a fully nurtured IR Firm. Even geographical constraints become irrelevant when you partner with us. Our growing ties with the federal and international financial media are assisting us in generating newer opportunities for our customers. However, strategic communications can’t be kept restricted to media communications.

Investor Roadshows for Meaningful Interactions

Roadshows always play a constructive part in the beginning of newer opportunities. Thus, the odds of likely partnerships grow. We’ve got a comprehensive framework available for the arrangement of ideal investment campaigns directed at investment community, finance managers, and analysts. The success ratio of any such even depends upon upon the audience that an IR firm manages to attract. Humbly talking us consistently made it! Do not expect anything less and keep yourself ready for interacting with the cream of the financial sector. Our strategic communications team constantly keep their attention on targeting a high profile audience such as;

Strategic Communications

  • Investors using a high net worth
  • Institutional investors
  • Retail Agents
  • Financial media professionals
  • Hedge company managers

Benton Communications Initiative – Innovation Inspired Virtual Roadshows

Yes! Being an innovation driven and motivated company we’re offering virtual roadshows also. This shows our commitment as an IR firm. The pros of such digital events are unlimited. On the one hand, it’s a price and time-saving approach, on the other hand, it’s the only possible way available for the bypassing of geographical barriers.

Stunning Financial Advertising Material — Attain their tables!

Professionally done financial advertising material is a potent medium of constructing newer relationships and spreading your message. Publications still have a valuable place in the financial industry. Benton Communications Strategic Communications team have a gifted and multidiscipline staff available. For the evolution of eye-catching and magnificent materials, we’ve got great artisans working with us. Not only is that but the availability of professional writers assists us in maintaining a professional tone. Following are some of the most common financial Advertising tools we used to co-develop with our customers;

  • Presentations
  • Press Releases
  • Shareholder Letters
  • Investor Relations Booklets
  • Introductory Brochures
  • Routine Correspondence
  • Fact Sheets

Benton Communications is Serious about Financial Media

In perspective of an IR Business — there’s nothing as important as a great working relationship with the mainstream financial media. Benton Communications is keeping exclusive communication channels with important media institutions and individuals working there. Forget about keeping yourself controlled to the poor and less trusted media outlets. Here, let us mention one more thing. We do have access to biggest financial blogs and online media outlets also.