Structured Financial Marketing

Let the good times roll with Benton Communications Proven Financial Marketing Schemes
Benton Communications — The Curiously Strong Financial Advertising Vendor!

Financial marketing is just like storytelling. Tell your potential clients all of the brilliant things and see your funding growing. However, the crafting of selling yet maintainable narrative involves a good deal of skills. Financial marketing cannot be achieved for the accomplishment of short-term targets. Today’s investor is well aware of what is happening around. Benton Communications financial marketing labs are engaged in creating fantastic advertising schemes.

No Pressure Tactics — Structured, Interlinked, Clean Marketing Only!

A number of firm relies on pressure sales tactics and exaggeration. Benton Communications doesn’t believe in unrealistic financial marketing. After all, it’s different than selling pies. Being an incorporated, IR company — we do have an interlinked and organized approach towards financial promotion. Following are the four essential elements of our advertising services.


Structured Financial Marketing

  1. Message Development — Get Your Perfect Investor “Pitch “Ready

It all begins with the crafting of a sellable, striking and attractive message. Besides the other fundamentals, we also need to maintain it optimized for a variety of platforms such as social media. Normally, the analysts and financial media outlets do take the contents of advertising messages very seriously. The choice of metrics to be included in between the lines of a “pitch” is made after vigorous joint brainstorming with customer’s group members.

  • Development of a realistic yet powerful message
  • Suitable inclusion of your firm’s performance and outlook
  • Targeted specific Investor Pitches


  1. Marketing Materials — Eat the Competition
    Let’s proceed with a very simple fact. Nobody has enough time for studying long walls of text. Do not try convincing the investors with phrases — merely. The creation of intriguing and charming advertising materials, bearing figures and facts has become essential. Benton Communications through its in-house capacities is prepared to assist its customers with the writing, designing and flow of perfect marketing materials such as but not limited to,
  • Handouts
  • Pamphlets
  • Presentations
  • Video descriptions


  1. The Corporate Site Effect
    A website functions as the face of a company or company. A professionally constructed and optimized site performs exceptionally well. Do not miss this chance of providing your customers an exceptional first impression. The Benton Communications understands the criticality of the subject. Your corporate website is among the least expensive and more efficient marketing tool. We used to review our client’s site on a regular basis. Layout and construction related recommendations are also created accordingly.
  • Aesthetical review
  • Suggestions across construction
  • Editorial services


  1. Traditional & Social Media Echoing — Your Business Deserves
    Here comes the best part. Being an Investor Relations Company, we’re enough informed about the use of media coverage. Successful marketing through fiscal media outlets is the best possible method available and a much better one from paid advertising. By leveraging our growing ties and relations with the media houses, we could market for you. Not only is this but our easy social networking marketing approaches are also creating wonders for our customers.
  • Leads generation through Social Networking
  • Induced press releases on prestigious financial media outlets
  • Acquisition of interview slots to your company’s executives