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Reg A: Empowering Companies to Raise Capital

At Benton Communications, we recognize the critical nature of raising capital to fuel business expansion and achieve their objectives. That’s why our expertise lies in using Regulation A offerings (Reg A) to unlock funding sources for companies. With access to our extensive funding network and comprehensive support, we enable access to funds while driving liquidity for them – discover how Reg A can revolutionize fundraising efforts!

What is Reg A?

Reg A or Regulation A+ is a securities regulation which permits companies to raise capital through public offerings without adhering to all the requirements associated with an initial public offering (IPO). Reg A offers offer an alternate pathway for accessing funding while reaching more investors at larger scale. Unlike private placements, Reg A offerings enable businesses to offer securities to both accredited investors as well as non-accredited ones democratizing investment landscape.

Reg A offerings require companies to abide by specific filing and disclosure rules set by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in order to meet investor protection while offering companies an easy process for raising capital.

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Leveraging Reg A to Raise Capital

Through Reg A offerings, companies can benefit from numerous advantages that traditional fundraising methods cannot. Here’s how Reg A can assist your firm:

Access to a Broader Investor Base

Reg A offerings allow companies to tap into a wider pool of potential investors, including retail investors who could be passionate about your industry or product, thus increasing your chance of securing sufficient funding.

Increased Liquidity

Reg A offerings offer increased liquidity by offering secondary market trading capabilities to investors who purchased securities through them after being listed publicly for sale, providing greater liquidity both to both the company and investors alike.

Flexible Offering Sizes

Reg A allows companies to raise up to $75 Million within any 12-month period, providing companies the freedom and flexibility needed for an offering size that best meets your funding requirements.

Our Funding Network: Connecting Companies with Investors

At Benton Communications, we have established an efficient funding network that connects companies to an extensive group of investors. This vast pool includes accredited, institutional, and retail investors all actively looking for investment opportunities – which your company gains access to by joining forces with us! By expanding visibility of its Regulation A offering while simultaneously increasing funding possibilities.

Navigating the complex regulatory environment can be an intricate and time-consuming endeavor, which is why our experienced professionals are on hand to guide you every step of the way – from filings and disclosures preparation to investor relations strategies implementation and more! With comprehensive support provided throughout, you are in good hands.

The Advantages of Reg A Offerings

Reg A offerings offer many advantages that could prove instrumental to your fundraising campaigns, including:


Reg A offerings may provide companies with more cost-efficient access to capital than traditional IPOs due to streamlined processes and reduced regulatory requirements, leading to significant cost savings over the course of an offering cycle.

Marketing and Brand Exposure

Running a Reg A offering can create significant media attention and brand visibility, helping attract investors while building buzz about your company. This increased media coverage may attract potential investors or generate positive press.

Flexibility in Fundraising

Reg A offerings offer companies greater freedom in terms of pricing and types of securities offered, enabling them to tailor the offerings according to their fundraising goals and meet them more easily.

Compliance and Regulatory Considerations

Compliance with securities laws and regulations is of utmost importance when conducting a Reg A offering, so at Benton Communications, we prioritize compliance to ensure your offering fulfills all regulatory requirements. Our team of experts stays abreast of new legislation for complete peace-of-mind throughout your fundraising efforts.

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Are you seeking to explore funding opportunities through Reg A offerings for your company? Get in touch with Benton Communications now for a consultation, our experienced team can guide your journey seamlessly ensuring a successful fundraising journey!

At Benton Communications, we believe every company deserves access to capital to fuel its growth and accomplish its goals. With our expertise in Reg A offerings and extensive funding network, we’re dedicated to helping companies raise capital while driving liquidity – get in touch today and let us be your partner in unlocking funding opportunities through Reg A!

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