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Secondary Offerings

Benton Communications Unlocking Funding Opportunities for Companies

At Benton Communications, our mission is to increase liquidity and raise capital for companies. Leveraging our extensive funding network and expertise in Investor Relations, we specialize in Secondary Offerings as an efficient method for companies to raise capital. By adopting our proven strategy for unlocking funding opportunities that fuel growth and expansion. Find out why Secondary Offerings may be invaluable tools in driving financial success for any organization.

Secondary Offerings, also referred to as follow-on offerings, allow companies to raise capital through selling existing shares rather than issuing new ones – giving companies flexibility and tapping into an already strong demand in their existing market for them.

Secondary Offerings

The Benefits of Secondary Offerings

Secondary offerings provide many advantages to companies looking for ways to raise capital. By tapping this funding mechanism, businesses can:


Secondary Offerings allow businesses the freedom to determine when and how to price their offerings based on market conditions and investor demand, helping maximize fundraising efforts while protecting shareholder values. This affords companies maximum fundraising efficiency as they maximize value of shares sold.

Improved Liquidity

Through secondary offerings, companies can boost liquidity in their stock, drawing new investors to it while potentially expanding trading volume and liquidity. Increased liquidity creates an active, vibrant market for shares that could ultimately benefit all current shareholders as well as potential future ones.

Market Perception

Successful Secondary Offerings can have a dramatic effect on a company’s stock price and perception in its target markets, signalling confidence to investors and stakeholders alike. Achieved successfully, secondary offerings demonstrate how easily an entity attracts investment while strengthening its standing within them and improving market perception of it as an organization.

Our Funding Network

At Benton Communications, we have established a robust funding network made up of institutional investors, private equity firms and other key market participants. Through our relationships, we connect companies to potential investors actively seeking investment opportunities. Furthermore, this provides businesses with a great way to showcase their growth potential while drawing the right investors towards them.

By tapping our funding network, we facilitate the identification and engagement with investors who share an interest in companies conducting secondary offerings. Our team works closely with businesses to understand their unique value proposition and growth plans allowing us to connect them with investors who align with their strategic objectives.
How We Drive Liquidity

At Benton Communications, our services play a pivotal role in increasing company liquidity through Secondary Offerings. Our skilled team specializes in structuring and executing these successful offerings while adhering to all applicable regulatory standards. From initial planning through post-offering communication and the overall process – we ensure maximum benefits from Secondary Offerings are realized for your organization.

Our approach involves conducting an in-depth evaluation of a company’s financial condition, market conditions and investor sentiment before working closely with their management team to craft an offering strategy tailored specifically for them. Leveraging our market expertise and insights we help optimize offering structure pricing timing in order to increase liquidity while drawing in potential investors.

At every point in the offering process, we maintain open and honest communications between both companies and potential investors. We provide regular updates, respond to inquiries from potential investors and meet regulatory compliance. Our objective is to achieve an effortless offering process which maximizes liquidity without disrupting operations of companies involved.

Our Approach

At Benton Communications, we understand each business has unique funding needs, which is why our tailored approach to Secondary Offerings ensures they align with your specific goals. By working closely with clients and developing an in-depth knowledge of their businesses and objectives, our results-oriented mindset aims at producing exceptional outcomes for clients.

At First Atlantic Capital Group LLC, our approach begins with an assessment of your company’s financial condition, growth potential and funding requirements. Working in close coordination with their management team, we devise a funding strategy which fits in line with their long-term vision – this may involve selecting suitable secondary offering sizes/structures as well as investors for which we identify good matches for investing into your company.

Once we understand a company’s strategy, we oversee every stage of their offering process from preparation of documents, coordination with legal and financial advisors and engaging investors directly. Through our vast network, we connect companies with investors who care deeply about their industry and growth potential.

From start to finish, our focus during an offering process is transparency and open communication with clients. We keep them apprised on progress of their offering process while regularly providing updates; any concerns or inquiries they might have can also be addressed at this time. Our aim is for each of our clients to feel supported throughout every stage, from initial planning stages all the way through completion of secondary Offering.

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